About Lydia Park

Inspired and allured by the mysterious strength and feminine charisma of Film Noir heroines of

her childhood, Lydia Park designs timeless, easy, luxury with a twist. Simple lines, exclusive materials, elevated construction techniques and attention to detail define Lydia's collection, expressing her personal dynamism and passion for cultural discovery. Lydia Park is designed and manufactured exclusively in New York of high end fabrics and trimming.

Of Korean heritage, Lydia earned her first Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from Seoul's prestigious EWHA WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY, and her second from THE PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN in New York, where she completed her senior project with Michael Kors. Having completed her studies, Lydia joined the creative team at DIANE VON FURSTENBERG where she worked closely with the designer, for five years. From concept to production, Lydia helped revitalize and relaunch the collection while refining her skills and cultivating her personal vision of unexpected elegance.

Yearning for creative independence, Lydia left Diane von Furstenberg to begin work on her first collection. Voyaging to Europe, Asia and Africa, she drew inspiration from the rich cultures of these diverse people. From these travels and her home in Manhattan Lydia derives the colors, textures and subtle details that adorn her garments. 


Catering to a worldly and discerning clientele, Lydia Park designs for the modern, creative woman with an active lifestyle. Lydia describes her 

line as, "simple in concept and line, rich in detail, unique in color with unexpected touches and an element of surprise", and with each

collection strives to enhance a woman's inherent beauty through confident intrigue and elegance.